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But Beautiful

I'm settling in to read "But Beautiful" again. Alli gave this to me last year for my birthday, I started it (and loved it), but didn't make it through. Here goes take two, as birthday rolls around again.

Since it is so intimately tied to music, I wanted to listen as well - either as I read, or in between readings. And now since I have motivation to create some Spotify playlists, I thought I'd do so. I am not the first to do this. 

This guy (Jason Boog) made a short playlist.

This guy (Thorsten Funke) made a longer playlist, of all the songs mentioned in the book - it's pretty great.

I am going to make at least 1, maybe 2. 

The first is a collaborative playlist so anyone can help me find this stuff - I'm taking the "Select Discography" section of the book and going to try and add as many of the albums that appear there that are also on Spotify. I'm not checking labels, so if some of this stuff is now Public Domain there may be non-original labels getting the spins, but ... that's for my retirement I guess. 

The second playlist would be the "best of" that discography, so will, by defintion, be rather personal. 

Anyway, a fun project to go along with a great read. 


Zoe Keating

Reading the "Music Ally" newsletter today, they had this sad bit at the end:

Something serious, not silly today. We've written regularly about musician Zoë Keating's willingness to talk about her digital income for the benefit of other musicians. Now her husband has been diagnosed with Stage IV cancer, amid wrangles with the family's insurance provider over paying for his treatment. She's taking donations from her website, and we think that if ever there was a moment to show the power of the online crowd, it's this.
This had me wondering - could we do a "Vulfpeck" for Zoe? What if we coordinated a campaign on Spotify - "Listen to an album a day for Zoe". This would need to be *in addition* to donations directly to her & her family since payments from Spotify will take longer to get to her. 





Accra hack-day & ideation seminar
Thursday - 9th May, 2013, 8am to 4pm
AITI-KACE (Kofi Annan ICT Centre)
Are you a coder or developer for feature phones apps and web apps?
Are you an entrepreneur interested in creating new business models on mobile?
Then we want to hear from you. In association with the Nike Foundation, Vodafone, AITI-KACE and the British Council, HACCRA is a one-day hack day and ideation seminar looking to find the most exciting new ideas that can be built to prototype then production.
The session will include:
Visual prototyping
Powerful ideation techniques
Business model generation
Competitive analysis
Customer profiling
The session is led by Andrew Missingham, a UK-based entrepreneur and management consultant whose clients include Nike Inc. the BBC, Bacardi, the Royal Academy of Arts, UK Music and Sony.
The session will take place at AITI-KACE (Kofi Annan ICT Centre), starting at 8am sharp. Free entry (subject to capacity). Lunch and coffee will be provided.
Vodafone have generously provided prizes for all participants, and a special prize for the most entrepreneurial, innovative

Music Services & Facebook

Digital Music News recently published some promo fluff from Facebook about music services on the platform. With a teaser at the top, it is followed by some "statistics" showing how engaged Facebook is with music. Looking through these statistics, I was struck by just how "NON-statisticy" these statements/numbers are - they are essentially a list of positive benefits that music services can get by engaging with a social network that has massive amounts of traffic. They don't point to anything of substance - they don't show that Facebook is a good place to engage music fans or artists, they don't show that usage on the site is anything other than a byproduct of normal social networking. 

Only 2 lines interested me in this article:

- Facebook-connected users listen an average of 20% longer than non-connected Facebook users.
- After integrating with Open Graph, found that Facebook-connected users were more than twice as likely to become paying users.
The first - from Songza - shows that there may just be a hint of value in integrating with Facebook - perhaps users of a service will use it more if they are connected to Facebook - perhaps because music is

Elena Cleo Ross Ludwig

If you haven't heard - we had a baby! Elena Cleo Ross Ludwig was born September 25, 2012 at 9:22 pm. 

Alli & I are so proud and honored to welcome Elena!

She is the:
Great-great-grand-daughter of Lona Cleo & Arthur, Dorothy & Frank, Giuseppi & Ugolina, Margaret & George, Mildred & Arthur, Rachel & Max, Anna & Barney, Rebecca & Abraham.
Great-grand-daughter of Edith & Charles, Florence & Jules, Helen & Corwin, Gina & Milton
Grand-daughter of Ann & David, Betty & Charles
Daughter of Alli & Erich
Elena - a popular Greek, Spanish, Romanian and Italian version of the ancient Greek name Helen/Helene, meaning "light" and "beautiful". Also used in Bulgarian, Macedonian, Croatian, Slovene, Lithuanian, Swedish, Russian, German, and Medieval Slavic cultures. The Elena variation of Helen dates back to the 12th century.
In these various cultures it means: the bright one, light, mercy, torchlight, sun ray, shining light...
Elena - Helen & Edith (and E is for all the other E names in our families)
Cleo - Helen & her mother Lona (both of their middle names), C is also for Charles & Charles, Corwin and all the other C names in our families)
Elena Cleo was born on Kol Nidre of